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Explore our notebook and diary options and watch your ideal book take shape.

When you like what you see, choose a quantity, hit 'send me a price' and we'll get back to you with an obligation free quote.

The first question

What type of book will this be?
Make your choice by ticking the appropriate boxes.

Size and corners

Big or small, regular or curved?




Printed cover or a Material option?


Printed with your design and either gloss, matt or soft touch laminated.


A range of materials, colours and textures at various price points and suited to either foiling, silkscreening and/or light or full debossing.

Choose your favourite from the swatches on the right. Click on a swatch to see it on the book below.

Branding options
Material swatches. Pricing ranges from very economical to more premium, but all provide a very satisfying book.
  • Foil
  • Silkscreen

Padusa An economical smooth vinyl coated material

  • Foil
  • Light Deboss
  • Silkscreen

Melody A smooth novalite PVC finish

  • Foil
  • Light Deboss
  • Silkscreen

Pellana A vinyl coated material with leather like texture

  • Foil

Cezanne A textured weave design

  • Foil
  • Light Deboss
  • Silkscreen

Naxos A smooth novalite PVC finish

  • Foil
  • Silkscreen

Nomad A textured weave design

  • Selective Deboss

Medusa A textured leather look

  • Foil
  • Deep Thermo Deboss
  • Silkscreen

Skiver A more premium heat reactive PU material with a smooth finish almost like neoprene

  • Foil
  • Deep Thermo Deboss
  • Silkscreen

Skiver Aston A heat reactive PU material with a leather like texture

  • Foil
  • Silkscreen

Cover Story A textured finish with soft touch feel

  • Foil

Rattan Weave A textured finish with soft touch feel


Making your notebook your own
and add your own unique mark.

Foil help

Deboss help

Silkscreen help

Foil Deboss Silkscreen

Printed Cover

Your design printed then made into a book cover.
Choose between gloss, matt or
soft touch lamination.


Variable data

Variable data allows you to print individual names on each printed cover. This adds an additional cost of approximately R7 per book.


Make things even more unique – add a different name
to each book. or just some of the books.

Depending on the material, personalisation can
be added by foil or deboss using individually
set metal type.

The font is 24pt Tempo Medium.

Tempo Medium font

"Hot Metal" letters used for foiling or debossing

Example of foil name

Add personalisation?

Personalisation adds an additional cost of approximately R19 per book




Pen loop

Color options

Color options

Belly band

Our belly band wraps all the way around the book. It is printed in full colour on 148gsm Matt art.



Plain End sheets

Printed End sheets

Front and back end sheets bind
the cover to the book block.
They can be plain or printed.

Paper Pocket

Marker ribbon

Custom colour ribbons are more expensive and subject to availability and lead times. This option is only available to order quantities of 500 units or more.

Book block

The block is the main body of the book.
There are options for a block

Notebook block detail is printed in warm grey
on 80gsm uncoated white paper.

Choose your block detail

Book block

Book blocks are made up of "sections".
Each section has 32 pages.

When we count "pages" in a notebook we're counting
the number of page faces you can write on.

Number of pages

The "leaves" in a notebook are the pieces of paper themselves.
Each leaf has 2 sides or page faces.

If you had a 192 page book block, and wrote "1" on the first page,
then consecutive numbers on each left and right page after that,
you would finish on the last page of the book block with the
number "192".

Choose the edge colouring

Page edge colouring

Printed insert pages

Add printed pages with your own design
or marketing message on them

Print options for your artwork

Paper options for your inserts

Number of pages

Position of the insert pages


If you like what you’ve designed, hit “send me a quote”,
choose a quantity and give us some details.
We’ll get back to you in 2 working days with a price

Paper Pocket
pen loop
belly band
marker ribbon
paper pocket
end sheet


Please enter a quantity. The minimum order is 25.
There is no maximum limit.
The unit price tends to decrease as the number of books increases.

books please


Your notebook includes:
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